Wednesday, November 19, 2008

" Heart...with or without wings...."

Don't connect my current mood with the poem below because it was written long back.....
Just felt like to share .............

"Where actually is the life heading..asks every human being,
Whoa ! how irony to say, my heart flattering with wings;
I gladly say its mine,
Though ofcourse its full of boundaries and a yellow line;
Very often I admit am happy and gay, Yet frequently am found weeping in a corner of the day;
Tired pretending to be Free and Enthusiastic,
I have left no space to accept that am not traumatic;
May be this time its all about self obsession or depression,
Sadly I find only this way to express agression;
Yes, am a confused creature I believe,
Yet I find it very easy to live;
Flying high and building my own nest was once the purpose of 'My Life',
Has been Eternally slaughtered into pieces with weapons and knife;
With no regression, I have got a lot for confession,........changed to......Being a person of fashion and Compassion;
It isnt a deal for me to make an Impression, I thought;
Because Life is not as hard as it is said,
If aimed to provide sacred help and aid.
For ME, even helping others becomes an obstruction,
Surely puts me into depression;
I question, Is it only Family whom I am here for ?
They answer..the question is as sweet as sour;
I wonder is this life living or dead as we never know what is waiting for us ahead;
I am grim and gloomy today,
This time am sure about the reason why;
There are things floating in the sub-concious mind,
Struggling to conquer and then Find !!

Something Happens But Nothing.......

Quite strangely thoughtful today about something that I generally do not intend to write in a place like here......Because Nothing Really Happens.
The noon of adolescence comes up with a feeling of restless inquisitiveness within us, or may be in me, that I realised lately. How what where and who seems like, have become the most vital part in Life. Can’t believe it’s not a dream!! Love is just so lovely, I thought. Then It seemed, never thought.
Again Love looks beautiful to me....but this time not the way I felt earlier. They say Life has something else to serve you. What? Don’t Know but something else. Re-write.
Re-write the future again and then again. Why? Of course to make it better. But see its still not better, Because it is not future, it echoed.

Love came and went, Nothing happened. Love is an illusion, voice came.
Tears shy away to reveal anything. Sometimes. Smudged within, someone said. Twitching of left eye is considered to be sinister, again they said. Nothing Happened. No, its not at all depressing but seems dispelled. Temporarily, I thought.

My 'I' is always different but same with myself. May it be when 'I Was' or when 'I Am' or when 'I Will' See everything keeps changing but 'I' ................Still Nothing Happens.
BUT.......Only Because I don't want to be Sorry to Life.......Something Happened !!
The same Something that happens with everyone, nothing new. Same things make all humans happy and the same things bring sorrows. Monotonous. Secretive. Homicidal. Satirical.
Here, Me, My Words and My Language matters, they peeped......and My Temperament?? Nah !! buzzed again.
Amitabh starts writing in Hindi in his Blog page and Advani replies to the mails, Matters!! Child Abduction, Doesn't. Abhishek Bachchan is happy, Our Mood ?? Here, Same doesn't happen.
Wheww ! The illicit law of Living.....
Sometimes Grey and Sometimes Blue......
Love doesn't sticks to anyone as Glue.....
They sneaked again and said see its New......
And this happens to only a Few......
But, I realised its the again the same old Crew......, 'I' said this time.