Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a Routine

Once upon a time I was considered as a skinny dame. And lately gym-ing is something that’s new in my life! Yes, I believe I need-ed it, not to recuperate skinniness but to be fit ! I know my friends on reading this would laugh hysterically.
Anyway, I have always considered gym-ing as just a luxury and status symbol thingy, where you enter with all branded sporty accessories, show-off and then come back. But unless you enter the ‘exercise cave’ the above statement would not be justified and once you get in you would be baffled to know other things too.
While I was grappling with my skinniness, my friends used to call me ‘haddi’, ‘chickenless bone’ etc etc..and now suddenly I found myself trapped with unnecessary fats (which they termed as a blessing). Flexibility was all lost it seemed. Only thing that made me happy was that I wouldn’t be deciphered as skinny. (I know repetition of words is forbidden but please pardon me here).
So where were we? The Gym. Therefore, a few days back I joined this stretching zone not to show off but to fight the fatness off and elasticize myself (immediately realizing that the above comment doesn’t go with every individual) And to my surprise or I should rather say Sadly I was the slimmest among the whole crowd !! I felt offended and astonished at the same time. Still I continued and somehow convinced myself that I am just fine and coming here is fun ! No one interrupted me when I took undeclared rests in between, no special diet-chart for me, no boil water drinking, nothing. I felt as happy as a kid having fun in an open play ground without restriction. I am hardly being noticed, I thought. I was wrong. Females actually talked about me and noticed me.
It was only yesterday that I found myself entrapped in my own comment (above) when I overheard two fatso females mouthing about me secretly, “Did you see her? Does she really need to come here? Shelling money for the already fit body? Aur patle hona hai, aur patle hona hai (want to become thin and thinner) huh. Pata hai it’s nothing but a mere show-off to make us feel jealous.” (!!!!!)

Me-DUMSTRUCK !!! It was both hilarious and stupefying moment of the tragedy for me. Lol....I can’t write more…but the gossip ofcourse inspired me to continue with stretching simply to become an inspiration for the fatsos.
Cheers !!