Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beware Youngiess !!

The other day I was out for lunch with one of my friend to a restaurant when a bunch of youngies or I must say juveniles rushed in a haphazard manner in the restaurant. As I am not in direct touch with bubbly teenagers these days, it shocked me to discover that the current era of youth has jumped all blocks of mannerism.
An antonym to modesty I would say. I have always believed in the kind of freedom where one can stretch his wings long and fly high in the open sky, but honestly speaking those acts of blasphemous by the imprudent youngies strongly condemns the freedom of the above statement. It turned suffocating when the girls plopped down on the boys’ lap while kissing in the public place. Despite of sufficient place available, the group hardly above 16 years of age, soon seized attention of the people present there, including moi.
To my astonishment I heard myself saying that I wouldn’t allow my kid hang out with such kinda creeps. No sooner, the contemptuous acts strangled to question myself ‘what should i do in such situations? What power do I have to stop idiotic public display of affection?’ For a moment I thought to call up the cameraman of my newspaper, and click them to contribute a spicy pic to the next days’ paper but putting myself into their shoe....what I could see were the Parents. Broken.
Though I din’t get the answer then but soon the consequences were aired on several television channels. Mangalore’s pub incident where the Sriram Sena activists kicked, assaulted, battered, thrashed and did everything to the girls dancing in a pub. I don’t know what they were doing there, but probably the act of indecency becomes a victim to itself.
Watching the television I felt how cringing it was for every girl who were being molested by the sena’s beasts.
The incident is an example rather a threatening to all the youngsters including me not to indulge in such creepy activities that puts us nowhere but national TV. Guys and girls we need to be very alert these days. May be your intentions are not wrong but make sure it shouldn’t offend anyone who is with his family or sister or elder. Cause it puts us into real embarrassment!!
Control. No one can harm you.
Pub culture is very common in Karnataka and is being enjoyed since ages, its only now that the action has been taken that too particularly for girls. Amazing!! Even the Chief Minister of Karnataka is in favour for what happened. No apologies, nothing. If the pubs are opened they are because they have the permission and who grants it??? Answer: I don’t think it necessary to mention.
Why can’t girls go to the pubs? Why can’t girls go out with boys? Who on Earth dies without a heart for someone? Even the President of whatever Sena must be in love with someone and must be involved in filthy stuffs but we are Da Indians, more concerned about others.

May it be whatever....I don’t care what happened but from now onwards, remember if at all I find people creating filth around my surrounding I am not gonna spare. No, I won’t attack them like Sena people not at all, but at least I wont keep sitting mum and wonder what should I do.
I’ld gear up to face them and inform them what could happen if this continues, in spite of reporting about them or clicking.
We all need to educate our youngsters, give them examples of such incidents happened in the past. And in case of ‘too much’ we can threaten them or simply report. To what extent it works will be realised after we implement this.
At that time what we simply have to do is:
*Don’t laugh or move from the place on seeing indecency. ‘Bell Bajao’ Let them know ‘your foolish acts are being noticed’
*Approach the restaurant manager and complain to put this shit out and maintain a dignified atmosphere. (in case of restaurants)
*Explain them properly as if you are a philosopher or an educationist and you know the best, if you are younger then them it would play more bold cos when someone younger teaches you, it hurts, Rite !!
*If this doesn’t work threaten them and pretend to be hasty to lodge a complaint, they are youngsters yar....darr jaenge.
After then you know what to do haina.....

Well the Mangalore incident is really a serious matter that should be taken into charge. Everyone is infuriated. Dont wanna close down because I have so much to say, but maybe next time with something really hot !!!