Wednesday, November 19, 2008

" Heart...with or without wings...."

Don't connect my current mood with the poem below because it was written long back.....
Just felt like to share .............

"Where actually is the life heading..asks every human being,
Whoa ! how irony to say, my heart flattering with wings;
I gladly say its mine,
Though ofcourse its full of boundaries and a yellow line;
Very often I admit am happy and gay, Yet frequently am found weeping in a corner of the day;
Tired pretending to be Free and Enthusiastic,
I have left no space to accept that am not traumatic;
May be this time its all about self obsession or depression,
Sadly I find only this way to express agression;
Yes, am a confused creature I believe,
Yet I find it very easy to live;
Flying high and building my own nest was once the purpose of 'My Life',
Has been Eternally slaughtered into pieces with weapons and knife;
With no regression, I have got a lot for confession,........changed to......Being a person of fashion and Compassion;
It isnt a deal for me to make an Impression, I thought;
Because Life is not as hard as it is said,
If aimed to provide sacred help and aid.
For ME, even helping others becomes an obstruction,
Surely puts me into depression;
I question, Is it only Family whom I am here for ?
They answer..the question is as sweet as sour;
I wonder is this life living or dead as we never know what is waiting for us ahead;
I am grim and gloomy today,
This time am sure about the reason why;
There are things floating in the sub-concious mind,
Struggling to conquer and then Find !!

Something Happens But Nothing.......

Quite strangely thoughtful today about something that I generally do not intend to write in a place like here......Because Nothing Really Happens.
The noon of adolescence comes up with a feeling of restless inquisitiveness within us, or may be in me, that I realised lately. How what where and who seems like, have become the most vital part in Life. Can’t believe it’s not a dream!! Love is just so lovely, I thought. Then It seemed, never thought.
Again Love looks beautiful to me....but this time not the way I felt earlier. They say Life has something else to serve you. What? Don’t Know but something else. Re-write.
Re-write the future again and then again. Why? Of course to make it better. But see its still not better, Because it is not future, it echoed.

Love came and went, Nothing happened. Love is an illusion, voice came.
Tears shy away to reveal anything. Sometimes. Smudged within, someone said. Twitching of left eye is considered to be sinister, again they said. Nothing Happened. No, its not at all depressing but seems dispelled. Temporarily, I thought.

My 'I' is always different but same with myself. May it be when 'I Was' or when 'I Am' or when 'I Will' See everything keeps changing but 'I' ................Still Nothing Happens.
BUT.......Only Because I don't want to be Sorry to Life.......Something Happened !!
The same Something that happens with everyone, nothing new. Same things make all humans happy and the same things bring sorrows. Monotonous. Secretive. Homicidal. Satirical.
Here, Me, My Words and My Language matters, they peeped......and My Temperament?? Nah !! buzzed again.
Amitabh starts writing in Hindi in his Blog page and Advani replies to the mails, Matters!! Child Abduction, Doesn't. Abhishek Bachchan is happy, Our Mood ?? Here, Same doesn't happen.
Wheww ! The illicit law of Living.....
Sometimes Grey and Sometimes Blue......
Love doesn't sticks to anyone as Glue.....
They sneaked again and said see its New......
And this happens to only a Few......
But, I realised its the again the same old Crew......, 'I' said this time.

Friday, August 15, 2008

'India' to be rectified !!

On pretext of ‘Me being a li’l bit disturbed due to the recent distortion’ with gritted teeth and biting back the tears, I dedicate this Post to the merciful and awful situation of Our Un-biased Media, Our Government and Their victims. India Today celebrates 61th year of Independence in its latest edition of ‘Impotent India’ saying everything in whole lot of 25 pages cove-red story about how capable the Indians are to be served to terrorists and how incapable they are to save our India from becoming a slave to Terrorism.
Hey rectification is needed with the noun – ‘Impotent India’ to ‘Impotent Indians’ isn’t?
Yes, its about the Bomb Blasts right from the Black Friday to the up-to-the-minute Ahmadabad bombings. They say Indians are strong to face the disastrous calamities, to get mutilatedly vanquished, getting back to life as if its in their routine. Anyway, they are left with no other option regretting on their decision to vote for the most lethargic pigs of the country. We the Indians are responsible for everything, We the Indians represent India, We the Indians are making our country incapable and unproductive, Then who is Impotent?? India or Indians? We make India...huh !!
Neither we were, nor we are free. Under the Mughals, then, under the Britishers, then, Under Terrorism/ Government/ Media. We believe what Media says, we do, what we are asked for by the Government and then we bleed because terrorist wants us to....Isn’t it a real sad story of the Independent India? I believe it is. In spite of not struggling for impressive or impactful words here, I am unable to write how helpless i feel about me and the citizens. Because sitting in the safe parts of the country and grumbling about the situation is no solution, i know. Handicapped is the ‘Me’ or the ‘Authority’.
Its going to take ages for rectifying the errors that we can wait for, but alas! our [ought to be] most eligible admin of the country, The Government and The Media are the most ineligible to bring colours to India. They are actually primarily responsible for the situation and need an immediately complete make-over to get things improved. Being a media-person, I have personally experienced the bitterness of how the important news gets edited or cut-short the facts with eminent names, leaving the story Raw. Its sad to mention that we search for blood and death to get a capturing footage/pictures for an identical turn to a story.

Check out the terrifying pictures published in the India Today Magiazine.
In stead of rescuing the shattered, traumatized, bleeding, crushed Human Beings, The Photographer ( another human being ) does not hesitate ( or I would rather say shiver ) to click the flash in front of them who have just encountered the Breath-taking murderous flash of their life. Stunning..... !!!
In America, to publish or telecast the dreadful pictures and videos of dead body or blood is against the Law. But we Indians are bold enough to digest all of this because this is what we have seen since the Mughal era. Isn’t?
On the other hand, the Government, they come in power-rule-fight with other parties-make victims for their political selfishness-and give speeches till they die!! What a Power!!
Coming to Terrorism, they take us for granted. Mockingly. They do whatever they want to, washing their brains to the Islamic culture, becoming the Jehadis forgetful about the real meaning of Jehad and very very simply killing the people fearlessly. They drink blood and eat human flesh, careless about not bit of humanity and then they talk about the Nang Namoos i.e their Honour and Pride. Giving bedsores to people is their honour and seeing the cheerless eyes welled with tears is their pride.
For Independent Terrorists: Please Stop Treating Us Like A Bin to Shove Bullets and burn us. We are human. We are not things.
Independent Government: Please stop mis-using us. At least try to use us we are worth to use, for good results. Try to give what we need not what we don't deserve.
Independent Media: For our sake, please stop misguiding us. Though we are a bunch of superstitious fools to believe whatever you have, to fool us but then we are left with no other option, You are all same. Least you can do is to not showing what is, to be not.
I have much more to say but now I am tired and something important.....if u need a life for our country.......Don’t forget me. Jai Hind !!! Happy In-dependence Day.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everything In Life Is an Omen !!!!

Words like 'KshaMA', 'MAafi', 'ParMAtma', 'MAlik' and many more beautiful words like these carry a magnificiently common 'word' which remains un-noticed, The Beauty Lies In The Word - "MA" .
Alchemist, does the name says it all? No, It doesn't. It is a book written by Paulo Coelho published in more than forty languages. Okay ! If you are thinking that am going out of track then no, am not because there will be no deep-rooted discussions about this book. Still. Though the book is all about 'Maktub - everything is written' , 'following the dream' , 'knowing what you want' etcetra but it has taught me the significance to learn and realise the 'Omens' that life carry for each of us.
So the story actually starts now:
I had an arguement-without-battle stuff with my Mom the other day. Agh !! The usual kahani ghar ghar ki wala jazz and to my astonishment this time it gave a new turn just after the climax. Actually I was annoyed on something that my Mom wanted me to do ( or not to do, frankly i dont remember the reason of the arguement because I hardly take things to heart, ;) how fake ) "Mumma Pleeeezzzz", I squeezed my tongue in irritation asking to excuse. She left the room with no words as she always does while I started hogging the newspapers, very sure about overtaking Mom's mood whenever I want, by talking on the topics of her interest after a while.
Suddenly......................yes....................I felt exactly like this......................speechless, blank. Something moved me till the within, my heart felt like a mayhem in all its veins and then there was an abyss silent for a long time, I was choked. What it was that made me feel so disconsolate?? A story. The newspapers were flinging with a number of articles on 'Mother's Day' when my eyes got stuck to this story which revealed all the recurring thoughts that I have had been thinking about while being 'with' or 'away' from Mom.
'The Diary of a Mother' was the name, the hugeness of it made me feel so small that I decided to remain silent, don't know for how many hours !!
It revealed the unshown, unreadable, unexpected expectations & desires of a Mother when her children grow young like me, where I am busy with all my days work till the sixth day of a week and unfortunately the seventh day is meant/booked for friends to hang out injudiciously. The willingness of Mother's heart to have an empty corner with her daughter having a word or two, hardly matters.....why so?? I thought. Because either I filled her in/with materialistic world or I overheard what she has spoken silently. Though unintentionally but abruptly ignoring her desires and expectations, today, has rinsed me till the last cell of my body.
I was so full of guilt to realise my mistake that how could I forget her in her presence, the one who stood with me from thick to thin, from gloom to bloom?
That Was An Omen !! I realised, the story said so much about a Mother's fantacies about her child, how she dreams, cares, worries, carries her child till her last breath and the child TRIES to give everything thats possible but the valuable time,................... she dithers to ask for it from her own....
Forty Two minutes from now, the clock struck b-bye to 'Mother's Day' and the first thing I did after awaking ( from the SLEEP) was, touched THY feet of my 'Ma' and wished her congratulations for being the Best Mother.
This way 'Alchemist' taught me to realise the Omen that indicates to upgrade or correct yourself where the story in the paper suddenly boiled up before me to warn.......wake up before its too late because the Diary of a Mother was written when.................... she was struggling for-a-breath of life but it was read by her son on the thirteenth day after her bereavement.
I tried my hard to express what I felt but truly, I felt much more than this.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Khali and IPL in Action

Hmmm.....Khali the Mahabali, the first Indian wrestler in WWE is back to India almost after four years!!!
Mr.Giant Singh from Himachal Pradesh has knocked me off by his 420 kg of wt with 7.3 feet height huh, BIGGG MANNN.
Champion Dilip Singh Rana AKA (Also Known As) Khali jiski WWE main khoob chali is actually on a sick leave from his current job of a Policeman (if u don't know, he is still a Govt Employee as registered in Police force). Stunningly his salary, Rs 15000 is being paid to him since last 5 years of his sick leave, where on the other side he has started his career from a new 'end'. I wonder if this issue has been raised or suppressed by Media, the Govt. or Khali himself. May be because it has been stubbornly rusted by his name-fame-studded personality added to the Nation. Well I am not here to critise him because I am not a critic but sarcastic over the issues that has been deliberately avoided. Anyway...lets get outta it I have much more for you.
Secondly, something that is most displeasing to me these days is the 'Manoranjan Ka Baap', The IPL- The Itchy Peachy League, I wonder how they decided that Manoranjan Ka Baap could be a suitable cliche, huh its so bad-humoured thing. I was,( from the starting, since promos,) against the t20 DLF bla bla...because it gave me a surity to the birth of sour-ness among the Indian cricketers against each other. See the Bhajji-Sreesanth issue, My prediction proved right which makes me definitely unhappy, whatever may be the reason of the 'Panga'.
I am a huge fan of cricket and cricketers but why is it not drawing my attention towards it i don't know. The moment I try to focus on the match the next moment I get distracted with unwillingness to see it. Admiting the fact that I am not aware who are the players representing which team, what I know is just the names and ' head-off ' the team.
Sadingly even Sourav's batting is not working this time, may be a negatively strong aura coming out through the windows of my television is keeping me away from my favourite sport but I tried it watching on other televisions too, in vain. Most irritating thing to me is the unbiased fe-male Cheeleaders trying to spice up the event by dancing on every 'ball' that has been hit, uninterested, by which team !! And that's Amazing !! the Unprejudiced Chee-Angels :)
Was that funny?? It Isn't.
Funny is what that the IPL has got over the soap opera of even Saas-Bahu era where housewives are skipping their favourite serious serials only because their eye-balls have been pulled by the LIVE celebreties dancing and cheering selfishly for their own team.
Well....that's contradictory on my part by Not making fun of the Cheeleaders who are unbiased, other side, making fun of the celebreties who are biased. Hehe thats me, a friendly devil Onida KY-series !!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finallyyyyy !!!!!!

Rome was not built in a day, so is my blog !! It took almost a year to reach to 'This' stage since I have forgotton the password and other details of my previous blog.
Aaj khush to bhot hai hum....
Denying the fact that I am influenced by my friends and colleagues who are the 'Real Bloggers' or 'Blogger Worms' ( I avoided using this word, see how weird it sounds ).
Most difficult was the 'naamkaran' --- and ofcourse and as usual i was guided by my friend for the selection out of a huge jumbled redundant words. Well....I think its sounding more like a prologue of a bestseller where I am a renowned author who's trying to publish atleast a few names of his/her friends who actually helped him out on this specific condition to get his name published. Whuu....its again getting 'unneeded' stuff.
Friends, this is just an experiment or in easy language you may call it a promo to a movie like Om Shanti Om ( if at all you found it o_ _da_ _ d.........) which has efficiently tried to push itself into viewer's mind to create an impressive impact. Therefore, I consider this blog and its future posts to be impactful in the same way to leave its 'post marks'. And if I am asked to say something serious about the posts and all then I would say that this is an unrestricted place to write, criticise, comment, give opinion and views on anything we like/dislike on this Earth. Here we neednot have to produce reasons for the 'ifs' and 'butts' on any matter. I believe this is where I will be only I following the freedom of expression through writingggg whatever I feel.

Wish You Luck To Bear With Me !!!