Monday, April 12, 2010

Nothing Much…

As I have nothing much to talk about, I have been publishing the published stories…some of you might find them interesting.
There’s not much happening except the blazing sun that almost baked me the other day when I was out without sun protection. Tried to drive in to office due to the killing heat today but it dawned on me that car is a big responsibility. It had a breakdown, luckily soon after I parked it. Sobs..
Got in touch with the author Paulo Coelho, icon Kiran Bedi, journalist Shishir Joshi, columnist Jug Suraiya to writing for my newspaper and succeeded. It’s true, once you achieve what you wish for, it seems too small to mention. But I felt it important to mention first because I don’t have much to write here (And I strongly want to), second because it makes me feel light jotting down small incidences of my life.
Reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘Interpreter of Maladies’, nice one. Though am a bit slow this time but it’s fine to be slow at times isn’t? Another half written book has been given to me by my boss which could give him a good author’s tag! (I made this personal judgement after reading almost half of the half written book.)
Office is stinking today. Some weird smell that’s getting all over me now and probably I would be off to home within half an hour. Need fresh air. Plus the AC concealed within the walls is infrequently switched on. Oh! The timings have been revised that would perhaps not do more good to the work assigned to me. (Am anyway working from home regardless of what I do at office, I have to, for my sake)
Wedding bells?? Huh…they are still far off. Though I’ll be soon flying to Kolkata for shopping and all but the fear of getting married hasn’t yet got over me, good for me.
Watched ‘Clash Of Titans’, that strangely reminds me of Harry Potter and I liked it :) :)

Anyway…over. That’s all about what I am doing now. I have something in mind to write about…will soon get back.


Priya said...

okay. Bye and will be waitin 4 ur write-up on bhutni. u dint include pig and gorilla in ur write-up?

Rashmi... said...

Oh rite..tat pigg..won't get anything more than the filthy photos :D lol and gorilla...spared him..he maintains quite a low profile :)

Jaunty anima said...

Random scribbles make a lot of sense...!!
N wedding bells....u getting married...????
Congratulations anyway:)

Rashmi... said...

True Jaunty...I realised it after the post :)
Yeah thanx for ur wishes

KuLDeEp LaHeRu said...

äçÜíëä çíÀäëçÚÀÝÜ çÜÀäëçÚÃä çíÜäëçÜÚÀäë çíäÜëçÚ ±Ã ZZZZZZZZZâââ..... :) :) :)