Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I want to do and I don’t

There are endless things that I have already done I always wanted to and there are still more…Human Wants you see…Anyway this is self analysis about things I want to do and also those I don’t want to do. Posting them here would remind me when I have to move and to stop…Just sharing!

Want to do…
- Want to be an optimistic person forever.
- Want to be a real good human being regardless of relationships, just a Good Human.
- Want to visit Wagah Border to feel the true essence of patriotism.
- Want India- Pakistan to reunite.
- Want to drive a truck atleast once.
- Want to become techno-friendly…far from techno embarrassment.
- Want to fly a kite , nope never did it.
- Want to learn dancing  I can’t dance but move on Punjabbi music.
- I wish my name would have been ‘Krushna’.
- If at all I get a next birth, I want to be a SARDAR and fight for the country.
- Want to write a book, sensible one, on an issue?
- Want atleast one trip to abroad, anywhere which is naturally beautiful.
- Want to visit a village every two months.
- Want to become a great cook some day.
- Want all useless people to get rid of me ASAP.
- Want to interview Kiran Bedi and Ruskin Bond.
- Want to keep WRITING….

Don't want to do…
- I don't want to be a pessimist.
- Don't want to betray anyone.
- Don't want to be grammatically incorrect, it's so embarrassing.
- Don’t want to have any kind of pets EVER.
- Don’t want to be a latecomer.
- Don’t want to be friend with new people anymore.
- Don't want to be remembered like Gandhi and others.
- Don't want to lose my attitude, my originality though it pricks many.
- Don’t want to embarrass others due to their drawbacks.
- Don’t want to stop WRITING…


megha goyal said...

Want to ur friend alwaz :-)
Want to visit Wagah Border too.
Want to spend at least some time at old age homes to make elders feel that still kids are there.

Don’t want to lose ur friendship at any cost :(
Don’t want to make anyone sad bcoz of me.

will add more thoughts as follows.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done,some match my criteria FOR LIFE...KIRAN BEDI & RUSKIN bOND AND I LUV SARDARS,go life is yours.

the bulls wife & cuuccuu"s mom

Shreya said...

wow never gave a big thought to what i want to do and what i do not want to do :)...guess taking one thing as it comes has a charm in itself...
yeah there is one thing i wish to do after i die and meet God .. :) I would ask him to please please explain me why and how this universe came into being lol madly fascinated to know its truth :)

keep writing i enjoy your casual writings more :)

P.S Thanks or following my blog :)

namit said...

hey, nice list...i must say it was wildly over optimistic of u saying u want india pakistan to reunite...