Friday, August 27, 2010

Status updated!!

Did you update your status today? Dude, Dudette, Boss, Jobless friend, “C’mon! ofcourse we did!”

Dude @11 am
Gtalk status: “The sound in silence..boss snoring”
Yahoo status: WTF, Monday sucks big time.”
Facebook status: “Me going to have a bash this weekend, are you coming?”

Dudette @ 11 am
Gtalk status: “Why is that guy from the other cubie peeping into mine every 10 mins, huh! Oh! BDW my new boss is the dumbest person I have ever met, gonna kick this org soon.”
Yahoo status: “Things are getting better with him now..but could be worse soon.”
Facebook status: “Aah! Had a bathtub wash, emerged from the rich lather and showered in Palmolive bodywash…Sonu are you coming?”

Dude @ 5 pm
Gtalk status: “The smell of air..boss just farted”
Yahoo status: “WTF, shit Monday, shit Tuesday and shit office, gf…oh shit forgot to call her again!”
Facebook status: “Am sorry my darling babe..I won’t betray you again. Am coming…”

Dudette @ 5 pm
Gtalk status: “…but he seems to be so cute. And boss huh! He sucks the life outta me”
Yahoo status: “You a** **** get the f*** outta my life…I call off this relationship”
Facebook status: “The day doesn’t seem to be great enough, my pervert TL assigns me shit stuff, need a refreshing bath again.”

Boss @ 11 am
Gtalk status: “Understand fully what your company does for your living.”
Facebook status: “Don’t doodle or daydream at meetings. Work. Perform. Overtime. Perform. Target. Perform. Result. My Peformance.

Boss @ 5 pm
Gtalk status: “Dudette, you are FIRED” “Dude, come and meet me in my cabin.”

Some jobless friend
Gtalk status: “Work hard, party harder, letz go guys..”
Yahoo status: “Decent guy searching for a nice girlfriend..dudette are you free?”
Facebook status: “Ppl, there is this girl called ‘dudette’, just called off from her bf, try her. Mail id is….____”

Folks, I believe it’s high time to watch out for the zombie-sh status’ that we have had imbibed to update on hourly basis. Because someone freak (like the jobless friend or the boss in that case) might be secretly infiltrating into those of your cashew-nutty lines with a conclusive mind to FIRE you.
There have been already a few cases recently and before it gets accelerated let’s resolve not to update anything personal that could invite people (like that of the dudette’s), anything professionally offensive that could terminate you, anything frustrating that could give chance to people to talk about you or take advantage of that.

I usually update my status that’s either inspiring, or encouraging/sometimes discouraging too, or complaining, or preaching and etc that’s swimming in my mind at the moment…I try to avoid mentioning stuff about ‘what’s going in my life’, sometimes my updates surely connects to me indirectly and again it opens a keyhole for useless (at times useful) people to peep and make conclusions as per their convenience. But then it depends on how you deal with it. Back step or back fire. I don’t know how many people like or dislike updating their status, nor do I want to know but we need to understand that it’s not a private place at all. They say, it sometimes pays in public life to be a high profile ant worker. And it’s true to some extent.
It could be even otherwise, nobody cares for your status updates. There are many irritating ones who rant in long cluttered sentences, about every organism that passes by. You are not being read, so please quit updating. Because we simply don't care.

Anyway too much of gyan is prohibited I know…just this; if you have that itch to update your status then scratch it by renewing/ranting/criticising/playing/teasing but BEWARE you are being watched!!

So, Dude, Dudette, Boss, Jobless friend, did you just update your status??


Anonymous said...

hmmm hmmm well written but while reading the status msgs of Dude, Dudette, Boss, Jobless friend cant even think that a GYAN is coming so you have conspired the fun lover to read your blog hoping to get some mischief....good work

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KuLDeEp LaHeRu said...

Hey Rashmi!
What's your status nowadays?
EnJoy Gurudev!