Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clearly Cluttered!

At first I thought it's a writer's block again, but I draft a post almost daily on different topics and the moment I try adding more words to a post, there're other things that arrests my mind. They say, we should also be written. I decided to wait and write this first.

I have experienced and heard about writer's block but I don't know what term is it for what am experiencing now..may be Writer's Fix...? I don't know. It's like I have so much to write about, so much to share, but the output is a drafted incomplete post longing to get published. Though my diary gets updated almost every 3rd day, am stiffly reading books of various genre, am not watching much of movies lately, am travelling a lot to observe and experiment more about things and people, that way I must have so much to write on. But still going no where.

What's it called?? Is there a specified term?

Well, I think writer's block is better than the current situation, atleast there you are on a break to spend time with blankness, here you feel so clearly cluttered that you know what you want to write i.e on various topics at the same time but then you end up with nothing solid to be served!
This makes me feel so incomplete and full of guilt. Every morning before opening the laptop I decide to finish atleast one post, I open the document, re-read it, think, write 2-3 lines and close it suddenly to write on yet another new topic.

And see, now on the spur of the moment I believe I have got the solution to this mind says, the only way to come out of it is, in stead of starting with something new, finish writing the ones that are facing the pause and then start afresh :)

Alright then, am back to finish writing!!



nothin.. within said...

he he tine it happens.. u know i have more than a dozen pending in mine too but the point is at-least u posted something :). hai ki nahi ..

Me Thinks.. said...

Dont force yourself to write. Let it flow. And trust me it will. I hadnt blogged for two years, blame it on laziness, lack of time or even writer's block but it's never a good idea to lose touch with writing. I learnt that the hard way, cos I hardly feel like a writer now.

But you've been writing regularly,so it shouldn't be a problem. Just give it sometime and it will flow.

All the best.

Shreya said...

I think it is more important to express ideas and let it flow freely rather than to pick one topic at a time and serve it solidly .. we dont always need to write something that includes all angles of the topic :) some should be left for the reader to decipher to :)

Rashmi... said...