Friday, August 15, 2008

'India' to be rectified !!

On pretext of ‘Me being a li’l bit disturbed due to the recent distortion’ with gritted teeth and biting back the tears, I dedicate this Post to the merciful and awful situation of Our Un-biased Media, Our Government and Their victims. India Today celebrates 61th year of Independence in its latest edition of ‘Impotent India’ saying everything in whole lot of 25 pages cove-red story about how capable the Indians are to be served to terrorists and how incapable they are to save our India from becoming a slave to Terrorism.
Hey rectification is needed with the noun – ‘Impotent India’ to ‘Impotent Indians’ isn’t?
Yes, its about the Bomb Blasts right from the Black Friday to the up-to-the-minute Ahmadabad bombings. They say Indians are strong to face the disastrous calamities, to get mutilatedly vanquished, getting back to life as if its in their routine. Anyway, they are left with no other option regretting on their decision to vote for the most lethargic pigs of the country. We the Indians are responsible for everything, We the Indians represent India, We the Indians are making our country incapable and unproductive, Then who is Impotent?? India or Indians? We make India...huh !!
Neither we were, nor we are free. Under the Mughals, then, under the Britishers, then, Under Terrorism/ Government/ Media. We believe what Media says, we do, what we are asked for by the Government and then we bleed because terrorist wants us to....Isn’t it a real sad story of the Independent India? I believe it is. In spite of not struggling for impressive or impactful words here, I am unable to write how helpless i feel about me and the citizens. Because sitting in the safe parts of the country and grumbling about the situation is no solution, i know. Handicapped is the ‘Me’ or the ‘Authority’.
Its going to take ages for rectifying the errors that we can wait for, but alas! our [ought to be] most eligible admin of the country, The Government and The Media are the most ineligible to bring colours to India. They are actually primarily responsible for the situation and need an immediately complete make-over to get things improved. Being a media-person, I have personally experienced the bitterness of how the important news gets edited or cut-short the facts with eminent names, leaving the story Raw. Its sad to mention that we search for blood and death to get a capturing footage/pictures for an identical turn to a story.

Check out the terrifying pictures published in the India Today Magiazine.
In stead of rescuing the shattered, traumatized, bleeding, crushed Human Beings, The Photographer ( another human being ) does not hesitate ( or I would rather say shiver ) to click the flash in front of them who have just encountered the Breath-taking murderous flash of their life. Stunning..... !!!
In America, to publish or telecast the dreadful pictures and videos of dead body or blood is against the Law. But we Indians are bold enough to digest all of this because this is what we have seen since the Mughal era. Isn’t?
On the other hand, the Government, they come in power-rule-fight with other parties-make victims for their political selfishness-and give speeches till they die!! What a Power!!
Coming to Terrorism, they take us for granted. Mockingly. They do whatever they want to, washing their brains to the Islamic culture, becoming the Jehadis forgetful about the real meaning of Jehad and very very simply killing the people fearlessly. They drink blood and eat human flesh, careless about not bit of humanity and then they talk about the Nang Namoos i.e their Honour and Pride. Giving bedsores to people is their honour and seeing the cheerless eyes welled with tears is their pride.
For Independent Terrorists: Please Stop Treating Us Like A Bin to Shove Bullets and burn us. We are human. We are not things.
Independent Government: Please stop mis-using us. At least try to use us we are worth to use, for good results. Try to give what we need not what we don't deserve.
Independent Media: For our sake, please stop misguiding us. Though we are a bunch of superstitious fools to believe whatever you have, to fool us but then we are left with no other option, You are all same. Least you can do is to not showing what is, to be not.
I have much more to say but now I am tired and something important.....if u need a life for our country.......Don’t forget me. Jai Hind !!! Happy In-dependence Day.


abhishek said...

hmmm again a good work it is really going to compel every Indian if not than at least to people lyk me think that still we are not free, freedom does not only means to be free from physical shackles it should be freedom of mind. Reading you make me feel still our mind is ruled by others, some tym's by senseless politicians some tyms by Hippocratic media .lets join our hands and try to change not everything but at least something. What MAHENDRA SING DHONI says “ZIDD KARO .my best regards to u keep going……abhi

mystupendoussalvation said...

Yaar!! if i say so true - it is worthless. We know, we are sitting on a shit pot and it is dirty but still we will sit on it.. Lets clean it - was the motive when we started journalism but see how many of us are actually there HUH!! However, Ur writing has improved tremendously.. Ur words create such an impact i.e. hard to describe.(yeh mujhse acha kaun jaan sakta hai).. KUdos.. n three cheers to U .. hiphip hurray ;)

ankita said...
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ankita said...

first of al....impressive work...
well i thnk its easy to say wats wrong & find faults wid it bt r any of us doing our bit 4 it...
i agree to ur point tht media is misguiding the audience which is naive....mistakes on bth sides...
talkin abt govt...they r lik parasites 4 our country now,bt a thought its v who electd thm so y crib.....

nothin.. within said...

beb drastic iprovement i ur style sadly i dont find nethin to edit in the copy ;) but to read it read again n again. feel gud to read media crisism :P