Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finallyyyyy !!!!!!

Rome was not built in a day, so is my blog !! It took almost a year to reach to 'This' stage since I have forgotton the password and other details of my previous blog.
Aaj khush to bhot hai hum....
Denying the fact that I am influenced by my friends and colleagues who are the 'Real Bloggers' or 'Blogger Worms' ( I avoided using this word, see how weird it sounds ).
Most difficult was the 'naamkaran' ---http://mergingreflections.blogspot.com and ofcourse and as usual i was guided by my friend for the selection out of a huge jumbled redundant words. Well....I think its sounding more like a prologue of a bestseller where I am a renowned author who's trying to publish atleast a few names of his/her friends who actually helped him out on this specific condition to get his name published. Whuu....its again getting 'unneeded' stuff.
Friends, this is just an experiment or in easy language you may call it a promo to a movie like Om Shanti Om ( if at all you found it o_ _da_ _ d.........) which has efficiently tried to push itself into viewer's mind to create an impressive impact. Therefore, I consider this blog and its future posts to be impactful in the same way to leave its 'post marks'. And if I am asked to say something serious about the posts and all then I would say that this is an unrestricted place to write, criticise, comment, give opinion and views on anything we like/dislike on this Earth. Here we neednot have to produce reasons for the 'ifs' and 'butts' on any matter. I believe this is where I will be only I following the freedom of expression through writingggg whatever I feel.

Wish You Luck To Bear With Me !!!


Vikas Sharma said...
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mystupendoussalvation said...

there is one thing that I need to say to u....[:P] ha ha....Good all d ceremonies n the name of ur Blog has finally decided... I know it was 2 months ago...sorry for the late commer... but from now onwards I ll promise u that I bear u by each passing blog of urs... he he...wish u all the good luck for blogging... N I know You will come to orkut for sure.... ;),...
All d best for future posts