Thursday, May 8, 2008

Khali and IPL in Action

Hmmm.....Khali the Mahabali, the first Indian wrestler in WWE is back to India almost after four years!!!
Mr.Giant Singh from Himachal Pradesh has knocked me off by his 420 kg of wt with 7.3 feet height huh, BIGGG MANNN.
Champion Dilip Singh Rana AKA (Also Known As) Khali jiski WWE main khoob chali is actually on a sick leave from his current job of a Policeman (if u don't know, he is still a Govt Employee as registered in Police force). Stunningly his salary, Rs 15000 is being paid to him since last 5 years of his sick leave, where on the other side he has started his career from a new 'end'. I wonder if this issue has been raised or suppressed by Media, the Govt. or Khali himself. May be because it has been stubbornly rusted by his name-fame-studded personality added to the Nation. Well I am not here to critise him because I am not a critic but sarcastic over the issues that has been deliberately avoided. Anyway...lets get outta it I have much more for you.
Secondly, something that is most displeasing to me these days is the 'Manoranjan Ka Baap', The IPL- The Itchy Peachy League, I wonder how they decided that Manoranjan Ka Baap could be a suitable cliche, huh its so bad-humoured thing. I was,( from the starting, since promos,) against the t20 DLF bla bla...because it gave me a surity to the birth of sour-ness among the Indian cricketers against each other. See the Bhajji-Sreesanth issue, My prediction proved right which makes me definitely unhappy, whatever may be the reason of the 'Panga'.
I am a huge fan of cricket and cricketers but why is it not drawing my attention towards it i don't know. The moment I try to focus on the match the next moment I get distracted with unwillingness to see it. Admiting the fact that I am not aware who are the players representing which team, what I know is just the names and ' head-off ' the team.
Sadingly even Sourav's batting is not working this time, may be a negatively strong aura coming out through the windows of my television is keeping me away from my favourite sport but I tried it watching on other televisions too, in vain. Most irritating thing to me is the unbiased fe-male Cheeleaders trying to spice up the event by dancing on every 'ball' that has been hit, uninterested, by which team !! And that's Amazing !! the Unprejudiced Chee-Angels :)
Was that funny?? It Isn't.
Funny is what that the IPL has got over the soap opera of even Saas-Bahu era where housewives are skipping their favourite serious serials only because their eye-balls have been pulled by the LIVE celebreties dancing and cheering selfishly for their own team.
Well....that's contradictory on my part by Not making fun of the Cheeleaders who are unbiased, other side, making fun of the celebreties who are biased. Hehe thats me, a friendly devil Onida KY-series !!!


golu said...

its a really a innovative way of providing knowledge, specially to that crowd who only want to read SPICY-GOSSIPS.

good start............keep it up

abhishek(inspector cleausau)

Vikas Sharma said...
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Manpreet said...

Rashmi, I agree with your views on the the IPL thingy that has taken the nation by storm.

IN this context, You might be interested in this too... said...

छत्ती सगढ के विचार मंच में आपक स्वासगत, है अगर आपके कोई भी खबर या जानकारी है जिसका प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष सम्बन्ध छत्तीसगढ से है तो बस कह दीजिये हमें इंतजार है आपके सूचना या समाचारों का घन्यवाद

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link